Visit the main Hawgleg Website for more info about Gutshot, and to participate in our forums (although we will set up a forum here, shortly, this is the place to go until we get that done).

Sometimes we have more info and stuff going on than we can fit into the main Website, so we let it spill out to the Hawgleg Blog. Although the site does focus more on Hawgleg Publishing (rules, product development, etc.), it does feature some cool behind-the-scenes looks at the mechanical aspects of making Arnica Real Estate resin buildings.

Houston's longest running game convention, and the "home convention" for Hawgleg Publishing. This is one of the best-run conventions out there, and it's always a pleasure to attend.

So you're into all things Western? Then this site has what you're lookin' fer, pardner. It's got everything: Reproductions of Old West playing cards, CDs of authentic saloon music.

In a world of small Websites, this is the 400 lb. gorilla of miniatures gaming. No matter what aspect of gaming you're interested in, this site has something for you.

Looking for GREAT photos of Arnica Real Estate buildings? Then you need look no further, anigo. Most of the photos on our Website were graciously provided by M. Olivier Perrony.
And make sure you check out the birds-eye view on this page.



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