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Our signiture piece: a five-sided saloon inspired by the TV series, Deadwood. This can be the centerpiece of your town, presiding over the crossroads to welcome many a lonely cowpoke. $65.00
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Honest-to-gosh, pilgrim, this is a great building. This is exactly what most people think of when they picture a big, impressive Wild West saloon. It's got drinking downstairs and rooms for rent (with or without a purdy lady) upstairs. This saloon is sure to be the pride of any game table.

This is a complex model that requires a lot of slow pours to get the railings, bannisters and fine details to come out. It's also got 17 major parts (and that don't count the 5 doors), including a roof. It's big, it's heavy, and danged impressive.

This building includes:

  • 5 walls (3 front, 2 back)
  • 5 balcony banister pieces
  • 3 piece balcony
  • 3 piece front boardwalk (they extend past the building, so you can butt them up to other buildings, or you can easily trim them to match the front edges of the building)
  • 1 roof
  • 5 doors

This model takes a little skill to put together, so yuh might want to practice on some of our simpler buildings before yuh tackle this one, pardner. We'll get the instructions online as soon as we can.

Note: Because of it's size, this cannot be shipped in the small box. It must fit into the medium or large shipping boxes.

Building Instructions

We are working on detailed instructions, complete with photos. But in the meantime, here are a few tips to give you some guidance to get started.

If you want to go before then, my advice is:

  1. Clean pieces of flash before assembly. You will want to use files, razor blade knives, and sand paper.
  2. Wash thoroughly in warm water and dish washing detergent. I cannot stress this enough. There are oils and mold release chemicals on the pieces that will degrade glue and cause primer/paint to fail over time.
  3. Build this on a base. You'll want the extra support while putting it together.
  4. Start with the front boardwalks because this will help you control the proper angles for the front of the building.
  5. Next, with the boardwalks as a guide, start assembling the outer walls. You might want to use super glue or a plastics based glue toget a good fit.
  6. We suggest having some putty or caulk on hand to fill some interior gaps.We also suggest the use of square dowels or wood pieces to reinforce corners(at least while the glue is hardening).
  7. Once the walls are up, start with the balcony. You may want to trim a few pieces or notch them to make a more snug fit. That's up to you and your preferences.
  8. We suggest using a thin strip of wood or cardstock under the balcony walk to provide support during construction.


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