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It's time to dust off yer boots and set yer cowboy hats on straight, 'cause when the band starts playing them cowboys are gonna hit the roof in the combo that includes our famous -5-Sided Saloon and the fancy Hotel. Save $15! $86.00
Expanded Listing:  

This combo includes two of our best-selling buildings (and most dramatic):

  • 5-Sided Saloon: This building will, without a doubt, become the showpiece of your town. Based on a classic Western style. The balcony is large enough for you to place based miniatures on (either gunfighters crouched in ambush, or lovely ladies welcoming yer cowpokes into town).
  • Hotel 1: A tall, 2-story building with a dramatic false-front (it's actually taller than it appears in this early prototype photo). This includes the awning and boardwalk. Add the attached shed to the side or the back to customize the building.

201-K 5-Sided Saloon
Reg. Price: $65
101-K Hotel 1

Reg. Price: $25
A08-K Attached Shed

Reg. Price: $5
Also includes a set of 3 Boardwalks (Reg. Price: $6)

Combined, these buildings, shed and the boardwalks sell for $101. Buying them together saves you $15 (that's a savings of more than 15% fer all you bean counters out there!).

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