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Perfect your your rough-and-tumble town, these rustic buildings provide the classic look of a Wild West town. Incudes 3 of our most versatile buildings: Gunsmith, Laundry and Mercantile, plus an Attached Shed and Boardwalks. $54.00
Expanded Listing:  

These are three of our most popular buildings:

  • Gunsmith: A tall and narrow building with a dramaticly tall false front (that part that sticks up above the roof)
  • Laundry: Similar to the Gunsmith, but a little wider.
  • Mercantile: Widest of the three buildings, it has a sturdy quality that is perfect for hosting many different types of businesses in your boom towns (we've even seen it used as a frontier jail before)

302-K Gunsmith (distressed)
Reg. Price: $15
303-K Laundry (distressed)

Reg. Price: $18
403-K Mercantile (distressed)

Reg. Price: $18
Also includes a set of 3 Boardwalks (Reg. Price: $6)
and an Attached Shed Kit (Reg. Price: $5)

Combined, these buildings, shed and the boardwalks sell for $62. Buying them together saves you $8 (that's about 13% fer all you bean counters out there).

NOTE: These buildings are described as "distressed" because there are small imperfections that are designed to make the buildings look older or more rustic.

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