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A winning combo of buildings to populate the nicer part of town: The General Store, The Sheriff’s Office & Jail, and the Bank. We’ve also included a set of boardwalks to keep yer boots clean. Save $9 when you buy the combo! $62.00
Expanded Listing:  

We reckon this combo will make the upstanding citizens of yer town feel right proper when they see these fine buildings go up. The General Store inclues a classic stepped-front design with nice wood siding. The remaining two buildings in the combo are made of brick and have flat roofs (perfect for snipers to perch on).

103-K General Store

Reg. Price: $20
402-K Sheriff's Office & Jail

Reg. Price: $20
401-K Bank

Reg. Price: $25
Also includes a set of 3 Boardwalks (Reg. Price: $6)

Combined, these buildings and the boardwalks sell for $71. Buying them together saves you $9 (that's about 13% fer all you bean counters out there).


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