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Calaboosa, the Pokey, call it what you will but it's no place anybody wants to be locked up in. A single story jailhouse of mortar and stone (or adobe). Aapproximate measurements will be: 3.5" wide, 7.5". $20.00
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Just like the bank, this is another fancy brick building. And, coincidentally, a lot of folks wind up staying here after trying to make an unsuccessful withdrawal from the bank! Arguably one of the three most important buildings in any Western town (right after the saloon and bank, of course).

Pieces are cast with with open doorways and windows. Loose doors are also supplied. Boardwalk and figures not included.

This building includes an inset roof that is designed to sit inside the four walls. This provides a nice little wall which can serve as cover for anyone perched on top of it. The roof will rest on supports that are glued to the inside walls. We do not glue them on for you, as people have a variety of opinions on just how low the roof should be. Also, if you plan to make the roof removable (like we do), you'll probably need to sand the edges a little to adjust the fit to your taste. To this end, we suggest you build, prime and paint the building first, sand the roof to size, and paint it after eveything else is finished.


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