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Two full stories of financial pulchritude just asking to be robbed. Are your boys up to it? When constructed approximate measurements will be: 4" wide, 6" long and 6" high. $25.00
Expanded Listing:  

Did we mention that this here building is made of brick? Yup, nice, solid brick. Just the sort of fancy construction that screams out, "Hey, there's money inside me!"

Boardwalk and platform not included.

This building includes an inset roof that is designed to sit inside the four walls. This provides a nice little wall which can serve as cover for anyone perched on top of it. The roof will rest on supports that are glued to the inside walls. We do not glue them on for you, as people have a variety of opinions on just how low the roof should be. Also, if you plan to make the roof removable (like we do), you'll probably need to sand the edges a little to adjust the fit to your taste. To this end, we suggest you build, prime and paint the building first, sand the roof to size, and paint it after eveything else is finished.

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